Pencil, color pencils on paper, 8”x10"

This drawing is a study for
the "Satyr in Chrysoprase"
that may be seen in Helen's
Sculptured Gem Jewelry Gallery.
It is one of a series of 10 drawings, 
study variations on the same theme.

In classic Greek mythology Satyrs were sylvan gods,
the male followers of Dionysus, the god of wine.
'Bacchus' in Latin, or 'Backhos' in Greek
was another name of Dionysus,
son of Zeus (Jupiter) and Semele.
He is said first to have taught
the cultivation of the grape,
and the preparation of wine.
Satyrs were immortal creatures and
they are represented as part man
and part goat, usually having short,
sprouting horns on their heads.

Photo: M.J. Colella


     Drawings are a vital integral part of Helen’s creative process for each piece.

                            “Drawing is an art form by itself, an artistic creation, the beginning of an inspiration.
                                It is an exercise to be able to see and compare.
                                It is the result of a study..,a series of changes.
                                It is the exhilarating preparation stage for another art medium.
                                It is a joy and a labor during our gem art endeavors.”


        Drawings are the foundation for the creation of a Sculptured Gem.
    With drawings and models, the Subject Theme will take shape from an origin and inspiration.
    The aesthetic composition will be built, decisions on the type of carving, material, size, style
    and functionality will be made, and proportions and ratios of the underlying harmonious structure
    are planned. The symbolism, metaphor or “story” will mature, and the internal and external
    features of the gemstone will be evaluated and incorporated into the design.
    Sculpture Drawings follow the contours of the forms and volumes, not simply of the outline or silhouette.
    Further detail drawings are usually required to explore Expressions and Textures.

        Drawings can be used as maps for the carving.
    They can assist in orienting the rough material to fit the design.
    Or, in many cases, the design is modified to suit the material.



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