Gem Portraits

Queen Sikirit of Thailand


Aquamarine 574.7 carats
6.2 cm high x 4 cm wide x 3 cm deep
Sterling Silver Base

 The preparatory work for this high-relief carving
lasted for about a month, with multiple drawings, 
maps of inclusions, and 27 models in clay,
plaster and plasticine, until a decision 
was made on the posture. The 7/8 posture was chosen
so that the Queen would look at us, but not straight forward.
Only one ear is revealed. 
A slight elongation gives a serene expression. 
The coiffure offered an unlimited field
for abstract expression of interlocking forms and volumes. 
The actual carving, sanding and polishing
of the stone took another month of intensive work. 
Long hours of balancing continuously
moving volumes, long hours to achieve the right expression, 
long hours of sanding to perfection.

Photo by: M.J. Colella


            "Portraits on Gemstones are among the most difficult subjects to execute.
            They require knowledge of drawing and anatomy, and demand meticulous work procedures.
            But above all, they require a deep understanding of life that enables the artist
            to reflect the character and individuality of the person."


           Most of Helenís Gem Portraits are carved as
            high-relief cameos or sculptures in the full round.
            They are set in jewelry, or displayed as statuettes.
            The Gem Portraits may be for a living person, in memory of a loved one,
            or as homage to a celebrity.
            They may be a direct study from life, or recreated from pictures and drawings..




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