A Tribute to Fallen Heroes

A Gem Sculpture with a carved 
Tourmalined Quartz
(Quartz with Black Tourmaline needles)
 portraying "Victory" with her closed wings,
 lamenting over the sea of fallen heroes.
 Victory is carved as a figurative work
 with the wings carved in a
 fluted free-form style.
 The face is left unpolished
 for contrast and subject theme.

 8" H (20.5cm) x 3" W (7.5cm) x 2.5" D (6.0cm.

Total weight 836.60 grams  



The heroes' faces were sculpted in wax
 and cast in Sterling Silver.

The sea is symbolized by the
 neon blue 
Drusy Hemimorphite
 The statue stands on a
 base of sculpted 
a cream-colored material with 
red flames

symbolizing the heroes' blood.  

Photos by Michael J. Colella

Goldwork cast and created at Annapolis Precious Metals (APM)



"What are these lines engraved in my sculptures?
'They are the construction lines, the base of the creation,
bounding the various focal points.
These lines are engraved pursuing a continuous movement
of shapes and contour,
creating light and shadow, and giving dimension to the sculpture.
Tracing their continuous movement gives the correct shape
and position of each form.
These same lines are the highlight of my most recent works."






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