"The Sirens"

A Gem sculpture 
with a 
wearable jewelry pendant.

From the Series 
"Gem Art in Hemimorphite"
premiered in Tucson 2005


The pendant/pin features 
a free-form carving in 
Blue Drusy Hemimorphite

set in Sterling Silver
featuring 6 faces, "The Sirens".

Blue Drusy Hemimorphite
( China)
 101.0 carats

 Red Rutilated Quartz 
( Madagascar)
1,470.50 carats 


The base is carved in
Red Rutilated Quartz 
and fitted into a 
cast Sterling Silver base.

All sculpture and jewelry models 
for the silver work were 
originally carved in wax 
and then cast 
by the lost wax method.

The Sirens, according to the Greek mythology, 
were beautiful sea nymphs, who charmed sailors 
by their alluring songs. 
Odysseus sailed past the Sirens 
with his crew having advised his men 
to close their ears with wax, and he himself
 was bound to the mast so that he could 
hear the Siren's magic song 
without being lured away.

Hemimorphite is a Zinc-based Soro-Silicate mineral.  
Its name comes from the Greek hemi
which means half, and morph which means shape, 
and is applied to this mineral 
due to its different crystal terminations.  
One of the forms it crystallizes in is 
this blue to blue-green, bright turquoise
 to sea-foam color, in a Botryoidal (grape-like), 
bubbly crust form.  
This new find of Shimmering Neon Blue 
Botryoidal Hemimorphite comes from Wenshan, 
Yunan Province, China.

Photos by Michael J. Colella







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