Helen Serras-Herman recently premiered her 

Copper Trails Collection

which was inspired by Southern Arizona's copper mining history
 and Helen's visits to several of these mines. In this new collection,
 her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces feature many of these beautiful Arizona gems, 
combined with her favorite Australian Black and Boulder Opals 
and the rare Sugarcane Emeralds from Brazil, 
in some beautiful "twisted" combinations of 
gold, sterling silver and copper, 
chains, beads, copper-color pearls and carved gems.

Helen gave a very successful lecture presentation 
in Green Valley, Arizona, in January 2010, 
about "Visiting Southern Arizona's Mines for History & Inspiration"  
as part of her 10-Lecture series at GVR, and 
has written the corresponding article, soon to be published 
in Rock & Gem Magazine. As she said in her lecture 

"many mines were discovered, many fortunes were made and lost in 'them thar hills,
 as the miners say. It's all about the precious metals, gold, silver and copper.
 All of Southern Arizona's major mines produce valuable copper ore, 
and the highly-sought-after copper related minerals-- 
turquoise, azurite, malachite and Chrysocolla. 
Turquoise from the Bisbee mines and the Sleeping beauty Mine 
near Globe is legendary, as well as Chrysocolla in Chalcedony Quartz,
 known in the trade as Gem Silica, some in spectacular drusy formations 
from the old Inspiration Mine and the current Ray Mine near Globe."


Copper Trails
Carved Koroit Opal Bead pendant


Jewelry Art- Necklace with detachable Pendant

  Australian carved Koroit Matrix Opal, 241.5 carats
Australian Winton Matrix Opal, 28.44 carats,
 Sunstone beads, 
freshwater cultured Bronze Pearls, 
Copper Chains, Copper lobster clasps


Emeralds in matrix & Copper Pearls Necklace


(In Private Collection)

Jewelry Art- Necklace

Colombian Emeralds in matrix 90.5 carats
Copper wire-wrap, Brazilian Sugarcane Emerald beads
Copper-color Fresh-water cultured Pearls,
Copper-color Fresh-water cultured X-Pearls,
Copper S-link clasp, Copper chain

22" long


Large Colombian Emerald & Copper Pearls Drop Necklace


Jewelry Art- Necklace  

Large Colombian Emerald crystal from Muzo mine, 93.0 carats,
copper wire-wrap, small Colombian Emerald round beads,
Copper-color "Biwa" drop Fresh-water cultured Pearls
Copper twist toggle clasp, copper beads,

17" long


Sunstone & Copper Pearls


Jewelry Art- Necklace

14K rose gold hand-engraved pendant
with a round faceted Oregon Sunstone 2.92 carats
long Copper-color fresh-water cultured Pearls,
4x 14K yellow gold ribbed round beads,
4x 14K yellow gold round beads,
14K yellow gold hammered toggle clasp

17" long


Lush Green Vista


Jewelry Art- Necklace

Large natural Colombian Emerald crystals in matrix 154.50 carats
14K-GF wire-wrap, Brazilian Sugarcane Emerald beads,
small Pyrite beads,  Bronze-color coin fresh-water cultured Pearls
Bronze-color long fresh-water cultured Pearls
white fresh-water cultured Pearls, large14K-GF toggle clasp

Dimensions: 19" long, Pendant 2" H x 1" W x D


Turquoise Silver Faces & Copper Necklace


Jewelry Art- Necklace

"Silver Faces" detachable pendant and pin with 
natural Bisbee Turquoise free-form 32.80 carats
10x large Natural Whitewater Arizona Turquoise beads
Campidos Mine 
Copper chain, copper beads, copper toggle clasp,
4x Sterling Silver medium roundel beads,
4x Sterling Silver small roundel beads, 
Sterling Silver chain

24" long


Black Opal & Azurite-Malachite Necklace


Jewelry Art- Necklace

Australian Black Opal 25.5 carats,
Sterling Silver wire-wrap, Aruzite-Malachite oval nugget beads
2x large baroque silver fresh-water cultured Pearls
4x medium baroque silver fresh-water cultured Pearls
small oval Silver beads, Sterling Silver chain,
Sterling Silver magnetic clasp.

  24" long  3-strands

Wire-wrap by Franko Zambrotto

Photos by 
Michael McCur

Sterling Silver cast by Annapolis Precious Metals (APM), Annapolis, MD

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