This is Helen's newest collection of jewelry art 
and gem sculptures featuring Opals, 
many set with Emeralds.  

Passion for Opals & Emeralds
 includes gem sculptures and jewelry art, 
with new jewelry pieces 
featuring Sugarcane Emeralds 
from Brazil combined with
 Black Australian Opals.

The Sugarcane Emeralds are mined in the mountains of 
Serra de Jacobina at Carnaiba 
near the town of Campo Formoso in the northern 
Bahia state of Brazil. 
These Emeralds exhibit a translucent bright pastel emerald-green color
 with a slight tint of blue, and due to their white vein-mottled
 and bamboo stalk-like appearance were given 
the trade name "Sugarcane Emerald. "
Many of the crystals have perfectly hexagonal shapes. 
At first glance, the material resembles Amazonite Feldspar, 
but the higher luster polish reveals the greater hardness of Beryl.

A short article written by Helen with photos 
depicting this rare and unusual gem was
 published in the Summer 2009 issue of "Gems & Gemology"
the official publication of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA),
 and a full-page article was published in the 2010 Tucson Show Guide.

Sugarcane Emerald Nymph

Materials: Sterling Silver, 14K yellow gold 
Pendant & Pin & Necklace 22" long

Brazilian Emerald Hex 88.0 carats, 
Black Australian Opal 8.26 carats, 
Mexican Fire Opal 0.80 carats,  
Silver Faces
carved in wax and then cast in Sterling Silver.

Detachable 14K yellow gold & Sterling Silver Necklace
 featuring Brazilian Emerald crystal beads 430.0 carats, 
2x SS square lobster clasps, 
large 14K yellow gold toggle clasp, 
10x 8.0mm roundel 14K yellow gold beads

Sugarcane Emeralds 518.0 carats total weight 

Pendant  2 H x 2 W x D



Sugarcane Nymphs Emerald 4-str Neck & Opal Slide

14K yellow gold & Sterling Silver Necklace 
featuring a detachable Slide Pendant 
with carved Australian Black Jelly Opal 
with green flash 4.22 carats, 
and a Colombian Emerald cab 0.48 carat 
set in 14KYG, and 
Silver Faces
carved in wax and then cast in Sterling Silver.

The four-strand Sterling Silver Necklace includes 
Sugarcane Emerald hex beads, 
Sugarcane Emerald chip beads, 
tri-color Fresh-water Pearls,
 Fresh-water Pearls white drops, 
and Lambina Australian Opal beads, 
with a Sterling Silver magnetic clasp



Emerald crystal & Opal Pendant/Pin & Necklace

pendant featuring a natural 
Colombian Emerald crystal, 59.0 carats, 
a carved Australian Black Opal 2.39 carats, 
and Silver Faces, 
carved in wax and then cast in Sterling Silver. 

With a detachable strand of 
Brazilian Emerald beads 333.5 carats
 (11 barrel-shape beads and 10 round), 
Blue Peruvian Opal lentil-shape beads, 
12x White Freshwater cultured Pearls pear-shape drops

H-0332  &  H-0342

Photos by HSH

Sterling Silver cast by Annapolis Precious Metals (APM), Annapolis, MD

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