( Mother Earth )

 This unique gem sculpture in the shape 
of a human effigy features a 
Sterling Silver Pendant with 
3 matched pieces of 
carved Australian Opal
that rests in a Sterling Silver cradle
 on the Turquoise base.


 Wearable Gem Sculpture
Height: 6’’ 

3-pieces of Carved 
Black Australian Opal 
12.07 + 7.90 + 3.23 carats

Carved Turquoise 
194 grams 

Carved Red Filament Agate 
base 608.0 grams 

Charoite slab 
149.0 grams 

 Sterling Silver in Pendant featuring 
“Silver Faces” 
carved in wax and then cast
 52.8 grams

 Sterling Silver in Turquoise base featuring 
“Silver Faces” 
carved in wax and then cast
 54.0 grams

The Opal pendant resembles the
 head of a woman and the Turquoise
 the body of a voluptuous figure,
 which is reminiscent 
of very ancient sculptures of Mother Earth.

The hand fabricated 
Sterling Silver Wavy Wire Necklace, 
which is part of the wearable Sculpture,
 fits closely through the Silver Opal pendant.

The name “Paccha Mama”
 means “Mother Earth” in ancient Peruvian
 the language of the Quechua people

“It was an incredible coincidence 
that I came across the name when 
I was working on this sculpture”

says Helen,
“and after doing some research,
 I decided to employ the name 
as it reflects and echoes
 the exact sound and feeling 
of “Mother Earth”.

The figure sits on top of a carved block base 
of Red Filament Agate
which in turn rests on a square Charoite slab.



Sterling Silver cast by Annapolis Precious Metals (APM), Annapolis, MD

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