Opal Fire Necklace

An 18KT yellow gold necklace 
featuring a detachable 
18KT yellow gold Slide Pendant and Pin, 
with a carved Australian Opal 
20.88 carats 
with strong orange and green fire,
 6 round-cut Spessartite Garnets 
1.29 carats TW, 
2 trillion-cut Chrysoberyls 
1.26 carats TW.

The 18KT yellow gold necklace
is made of
2-strands of Australian Opal, 
Grossular Garnet and Pearl,
and features 
an extra interchangeable centerpiece 
Opal bead.




 “Helios Opal Fire- Earrings”





Helios, the Greek Sun god, 
known later to the Romans as Sol, 
often appeared with a crown of flaming rays,
reflected here by the fire in the Opal.

Photos by M J Colella

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