“Astorite Tempest”

[Now in private collection]

 A 20” long necklace with a carved Astorite 
as the centerpiece, 14KT GF wire-wrapped, 
and square Pink Conch Shell beads, 
Conch Shell
twist beads, 
small FW cultured pink pearls and 
14KT yellow gold toggle clasp.

is a beautiful, colorful, unique rock, 
composed of four major components:

, Rhodochrosite, Quartz 
(in the form of pseudomorphs and chalcedony), 
and Ore Gangue (highly silicified,
 complex sulfied with native metallic elements of 
Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead,
Chalcopyrite and Magnatite). 
There are some rare mineral inclusions of
 Helvite, Friedelite, Sphalerite, Fluorite and Calcite
The rock is not considered ore, although it does assay out 
at a bit less then 1/10 oz of gold and 7 ¾ oz silver per ton.

The Hardness of Astorite is 6.5-7 and takes an exceptional polish. 
Thin slabs retain good sectional integrity. 
The material is highly fluorescent under 
both SW and LW UV light.

 Astorite is mined from the Toltec mine 
in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado. 
The mine was closed after its original owner, 
Col. John Jacob Astor IV,
 died aboard the Titanic in 1912. 
The portal was sealed and not reopened until 2001

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