�The Turquoise Ensembles� 
is the newest collection of Jewelry Art and Gem Sculptures, 
part of Helen�s latest theme series 
�The Silver Faces Collection�

The collection features natural turquoise,
 pearls, drusy gem silica, coral 
and her distinctive �Faces� sculpted 
in Sterling Silver. 
For the first time, she has created a 
�reversible� double-sided silver bead 
with different �Faces� on each side. 
Helen carves each one separately in wax
making each one unique, 
and then casts them in Sterling Silver. 
These new artworks are inspired from and reflect 
Helen�s newest environment in Arizona, 
where Turquoise is part of 
life, tradition and myth. 

�Spirits of the Blue Desert� Necklace       


Sterling Silver Necklace 18� long

Carved Drusy Gem Silica, Alexandrites,
 carved and cast Sterling Silver

Natural Bisbee AZ Turquoise beads, 
Black FW cultured Pearls


Drusy Gem Silica 
free-form carving 
34.53 carats

Drusy Gem Silica from the 
Ray mine near Globe, Arizona, 
is a very rare and beautiful form 
of Chrysocolla in colorless Drusy Quartz.

Three round faceted natural Alexandrites 
from Brazil 0.39 carats TW showing 
a distinct color change when viewed 
under daylight or tungsten light.

�Spirits of the Blue Desert� Earrings  
(not pictured)

# H-0186

Sterling Silver Earrings

Carved Drusy Gem Silica, 
Turquoise cab, Black FW cultured Pearls 


 �Blue Desert Nymphs� Necklace

# H-0187    

Sterling Silver Necklace 24� long

Carved Rutilated Quartz, 
carved and cast Sterling Silver

Natural Bisbee AZ Turquoise beads, 
Black FW cultured Pearls

Rutilated Quartz 155.0 carats

Beautiful small sprays of Rutile needles,
 �mirrors� and other natural crystals 
create a unique �desert landscape� 
in the Quartz.

 The Turquoise beads used in the 
�The Turquoise Ensembles� 
are all natural material from Arizona. 
The large deep sky-blue color Turquoise 
beads from the border area near Bisbee Arizona, 
and the pastel-colored Whitewater Arizona 
Turquoise beads from the Douglas area in Cochise County.
Both show some black matrix and 
a lot of beautiful silver and pyrite crystals.

A very important factor for Helen 
when she selects rough or beads 
is that they have character, individuality. 
It may be an exceptional conjunction of several factors, 
the colors, the patterns, the shape, 
the inclusions, or just simply the 
aura of the particular piece.

�Desert Star�


Sterling Silver Necklace

Carved Arizona Turquoise
 Star Ruby & carved and cast Sterling Silver
 �Silver Faces�, natural Whitewater AZ
Turquoise & star Ruby beads.



�Sea of Pearls, Turquoise Sky� 


Sterling Silver Necklace 20�

Carved natural NM Turquoise
 Peach-color Sapphires
 0.74 carats TW
large White Mother-of-Pearl beads
natural Bisbee Turquoise beads





Silver Faces 
Turquoise Pendant/ Pin


Turquoise free-form cab 
32.80 carats
 carved and cast Sterling Silver
�Silver Faces�
Black FW cultured Pearl.
On a strand of
SS Turquoise
 Black Onyx beads 
( B-276)


Silver Faces 
Turquoise Earrings


Turquoise free-form cabs
 6.53 and 3.65 carats
 (10.18 carats TW)
carved and cast 
Sterling Silver
 �Silver Faces�


Helen�s latest theme series, 
�The Silver Faces Collection�
 premiered in November of 2005 
at the 
Carnegie Museum Gem & Mineral Show
 honoring the show theme "Silver", 
and features beautiful carved gems and 
sculptured Sterling Silver centerpieces, 
which she carves by hand in wax and then casts. 
These pieces are inspired directly from her sculptural work.
 During a trip to Singapore, Helen explains, 
a brief encounter with the gigantic, age-old, eternal mangrove trees, 
left me with strong impressions and provided the inspiration 
for a series of sculptures. The twisted and swirling branches, 
the large knuckles and rope-like or cable twines are the 
perfect backdrop for my distorted, often preposterous and 
exaggerated "Faces". These inflated, rogue faces, 
take the shape of mythological creatures, nymphs, 
people, spirits, masks of the underworld and the living."

"The Silver Faces Collection" spurred a whole series of Drawings 
with pencils and colored pastels. 
Drawings are a familiar artistic form for Helen, 
often the beginning of an inspiration and the exhilarating preparation 
stage for her gem carvings, but more often they take a life of their own, 
being small works of Fine Art.

The first few pieces of the "The Turquoise Ensembles" 
were exhibited at the AGTA- JCK Show in Las Vegas, 
in June of 2006. With a few more pieces now, 
still a very limited and unique suite, 
"The Turquoise Ensembles"  
will premiere at the 
Max Gallery of Fine Art
in Tucson, AZ, on September 23, 2006.

Silverwork cast at Annapolis Precious Metals (APM)

Photos by Helen Serras Herman

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