Sculptured Gem Jewelry




A 17" long necklace with a 
sculptural center piece carved in wax 
and cast in Sterling Silver
large oval Zebra Jasper beads 
(material from Arizona), 
12mm square Chinese Red Coral beads, 
and a Sterling Silver Jet-inlaid toggle clasp.


Part of the "Silver Faces Collection"
Red Zebra Faces premiered at 
the Carnegie Museum 
Gem & Mineral Show 2005 
honoring the show theme "Silver"

Helen's latest theme series,
The Silver Faces Collection,
 features beautiful carved gems, such as Blue Drusy Chalcedony,
and sculptured Sterling Silver centerpieces,
which she carves by hand in wax
and then casts.
These unique pieces are inspired directly from her sculptural work.

"During a trip to Singapore, Helen explains,
a brief encounter with the gigantic,
age-old, eternal mangrove trees
 left me with strong impressions and
provided the inspiration for a series of sculptures.
The twisted and swirling branches,
tangled, stilt-like roots with turns and kinks,
the large knuckles and rope-like or cable twines,
and the gnarled trunks are the perfect backdrop
for my
distorted, often preposterous and exaggerated Faces.
These inflated, rogue faces take the shape of mythological creatures,
 nymphs, people, spirits, masks of the underworld and the living."


Photos by Michael J. Colella

Silverwork cast at Annapolis Precious Metals (APM)







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