Sculptured Gem Jewelry




Carved as a high cameo [relief]
on Chrysoprase (Australia) 165.5 cts,
6cm high, set as a pendant in 14KT yellow gold.

From theme series  “Satyrs and Gargoyles”

The "Satyrs & Gargoyles" theme allows
for dynamic expressionism, infinite variations, and exaggerated features.
The distorted features emit demonic pathos and induce awe.

The vibrant color of Chrysoprase,
the apple-green gem variety of chalcedony quartz,

and the earthy brown matrix reflect the lust for life
and the woodland origin of these creatures.
In classic Greek mythology Satyrs were sylvan gods,
the male followers of Dionysos, the god of wine,
and they are represented as part man and part goat,
usually having short, sprouting horns on their heads.

The Chrysoprase is a fine quality gem
with very vibrant color, semi-translucent
with the brown matrix as part of the carving.

As an additional option, the slide pendant interchanges
on a 17" strand of round Chrysoprase 7mm beads
of very fine quality, highly translucent, with 14KT gold beads
and a special 14KT gold clasp
that allows the pendant to interchange.


"Satyr" was exhibited, among other shows,
at the Premiere of the Ballet
at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre,
a collaborating exhibit display
by the “Carnegie Museum of Natural History”
Nov 2000
the “Gem Artists of North America”, in March 2000.

Featured in  
Lapidary Journal
June 2002


Helen's study drawing for this Satyr
may be seen in her Drawings Gallery.

Photo by M.J. Colella


   Sculptured Gem Jewelry are all one-of-a kind, contemporary style,
set in 18KT and 14KT gold. All “Sculptured Gem Jewelry” features
carved gemstones such as Ocean Jasper, Larimar, Drusy Rainbow Pyrite,
and Black Opal, and are enhanced by fancy color Garnets & Sapphires,
Tanzanite, Opals, Diamonds, Red Spinel and Tourmalines.
Each piece of “Sculptured Gem Jewelry” is signed
and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.



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