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Natural Drusies

Natural Drusies

Item No. dsc-7

Drusy Collection

Drusy gemstones are cut from natural mineral specimens that exhibit surfaces with very fine crystal mineralization. Helen finds the drusy world amazing, bountiful and fascinating, and she has carved drusy gems in almost every mineral variety. The dazzling gemstones stand out in her showcases, and their shimmering effect captivates customers.

Many of her works are scored with a distinct deep-line engraving structure, which she calls construction lines that give dimension and organic feeling to the sculptured gems. According to Helen “these lines connect the volumes and the continuous movement, pursuing the light and are set off by the light as the pieces move”. Her line-engraved drusy gems are totally unique.

Helen’s Drusy Collection ranges from high-end gold pendants, brooches and earrings, to simple and affordable wire-wrapped pendants.

Photo by HSH