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Omphalos of Earth - gem sculpture

Omphalos of Earth - gem sculpture

Item No. H-0172

Passion for Opals Collection

Gem sculpture featuring a carved Koroit matrix opal 105.0 grams (Australia), carved and cast sterling silver 77.8 grams, on a base of carved lapis lazuli 479.0 grams (Afghanistan). The sculpture tells the story of the Omphalos of the Earth (the Naval of the Earth), and the oracle of Delphi. The removable opal is held by the silver figure- the god Apollo.

Dimensions: 4 ¼” x 4 ½” x 3?”

Received “Best of Show Award”, in the Fine Art Fall 2006 exhibit “Pathways and Portals”, “Tubac Center of the Arts”, Tubac, AZ

Photo by HSH