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Nymph Melissanthi

Nymph Melissanthi

Item No. ST-0691

Ancient Greek Mythology

Carved gem featuring Nymph Melissanthi, in chrysocolla in quartz, 94.0 carats.
This carved gem is inspired by the legend of Nymph Melissanthi, and Helen's visit of the subterrenean Lake Melissani, on the Greek island of Kefalonia, where an ancient sanctuary of Pan has been discovered.

According to the ancient Greek myth, nymph Melissanthi loved the god Pan, but, because he did not reciprocate her love, she was overcome with sorrow and fell into Lake Melissani on the island of Kefalonia and drowned. What a romantic and tragic story! A young beautiful nymph falls in love with a god known to be fond of lechery and for his excessive and lustful sexual behavior!

Photos by HSH