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Emerald Blue Islands

Emerald Blue Islands

Item No. H-0285

Copper Trails Collection

This slide pendant & pin features a carved gem silica (chrysocolla in quartz) with dendritic malachite, 44.4 carats, from the Inspiration Mine, Globe, AZ, two faceted Colombian emeralds (one rectangular 8.0 x 5.25mm, 1.30 carats, one square 2.8 x 2.8mm, 0.09 carats), two round faceted sapphires from Montana (one blue 0.51 carats, one blue/green 1.03 carats), set in hand- fabricated custom 18K yellow gold setting.

Matching earrings with gem silica, emeralds and sapphires, 18K gold (H-0286)

Photo by HSH